Dogliani is a town located in Southwestern Langhe.

It has been founded before the Roman age by the Celtic people, halfway between Alba and Mondovi (It is 30 km away from both cities), has always been considered an ideal territory for the cultivation of Dolcetto. Our company is located 5 km from the village, on Pianezzo hillside towards Bossolasco and in front of Monforte d'Alba. It is one of the highest hills of Dogliani, in fact, the company is located at an altitude of about 530 m a.s.l., while the village is at 295 m a.s.l.. 

To reach us from Dogliani take the main road to Bossolasco, after 3 km turn left going up the hill Pianezzo following the signs that indicate our company.

For visits is pleasing the notice. It's possible to visit the different vineyards, understand the features and differences between one to another, see the cellar and taste the wines. The tasting is finalized to selling, so it is free with the purchase of 6 bottles per head, whereas with smaller quantities it has a cost of 20 Euros.